ER Visit #2

Jocelyn’s first visit to the ER was when I fell down the stairs holding her last Fall.  Last night, we were all outside. Justin was changing a light bulb in my car and was about to leave to go flying.  Jocelyn brought her little folding chair out of the garage and put it over by the stairs to the porch.  Justin was just getting finished up and I was going to turn the lights on in my car so we could see it work. That’s when I heard Jocelyn crying. She was getting in her chair and fell and hit her head on the step.  She was bleeding pretty bad, so we decided to take her into the ER.  They decided to glue it back together since it was on her face.  She was so brave but did cry quite a bit.  She was happy when they gave her a popsicle at the end.



She really hasn’t bothered with it today and is back to her normal self. 

We forgot her shoes in the mad rush to get her to the hospital but I painted her toenails for the first time that morning.  She got lots of compliments at the ER.


Yesterday morning, pre-scar


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