Happy Father’s Day

So blessed that Jocelyn has such an amazing daddy.  I just wanted to list a few of the things you do for her that show how much you love her

When you read to Jocelyn, you put so much love into it.  I sometimes find you and her reading for 30 minutes or more a night.  She loves reading with her daddy. Tonight when I picked up “Red Fish, blue fish” to read to her, she said daddy. She knows that daddy always reads her that book :)  On the nights you don’t read, you give a bath and she loves how you make bubbles for her.  Haha, I feel like everything is more fun when dad does it.

You are always looking for activities to do to spend time with her, whether it be taking her on a bike ride or just snuggling up and reading a book or watching a movie.

She looks forward to daddy coming home from work every night.  As soon as she hears that garage door open, she runs to the door to see her daddy

You are so proud of her every accomplishment from the first time she rolled over to learning to use the potty.

She loves you so much.  You are who she looks up to, who she wants to impress, her hero and most of all her best bud 🙂 And I am so excited for our little boy to meet his daddy!


Happy Father’s day! We love you!!!