Jocelyn: 18 Month Checkup

Jocelyn went in for her 18 month checkup today

Here are her stats

Weight: 25 pounds 6 ounces (64%)

Height: 30.75 inches (24%)

Head Circumference: 48.5 cm (90%)

She got 3 shots  today and did not enjoy that at all, but stickers made it all better.  And no ear infection! The doctor said I could give her some meds for her allergies, so hopefully that will help with her runny nose and cough.

And here is what she has been enjoying lately

Favorite books: “Grandma, Grandpa and Me” (she calls it Papa Me), “But No Elephants”, and “Bernstein Bears’ New Baby”

Favorite words to say: Spider, Juice, Daddy, Momma, Me and Please

Favorite toys: Baby dolls, stuffed animals, books, and balls

She is a such great sleeper. She sleeps around 12 hours at night and then a 2-3 hour nap during the day.  I am taking naps while she does right now; trying to get all the sleep I can before the little boy gets here in October. 

One of her favorite things to do is to put money in her piggy bank. Justin usually has a bunch of change by the end of the week, so he sits down with her and she puts it all in.

Most of her clothes are 18 months, however, since she’s been potty training and is back in cloth diapers, I usually have to put bigger pants on her to fit over the diaper.  It is nice that it is summer though because she has short legs and the 24 month pants would be way too long.  So the shorts, dresses, and skirts work great.

Here is a cute picture of her from the weekend. I have a bunch more to share and will try to get those up a little later.


2 thoughts on “Jocelyn: 18 Month Checkup

  1. Nana says:

    Jen, at 18 months you weighed 22 lbs 14 ounces and were 31 inches tall (at 2 years you were 25 lbs 8 ounces and 31 inches – about the same as Jocelyn now).

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