Quarter of a Century

Although I turned a quarter of a century old last Wednesday, I had a pretty wonderful birthday.  Normally I wake up whenever Justin does and make his lunch, breakfast and coffee while he gets ready.  Jocelyn usually doesn’t get up for another hour after that so I find myself dozing off more times than not once he heads out. Yesterday, I got to sleep in without interruption! It was amazing. I still woke up  before Jocelyn (who slept until 9!).  I came in the kitchen and found a card from Justin saying that he had mixed up a banana pancake batter (from scratch) and put it in the fridge so I could make them for breakfast. So sweet!




Once I got Jocelyn around and we enjoyed our breakfast, we headed out the door to an activity for Jocelyn and then shopping and to lunch.  I was really craving Chipotle and somehow totally forgot it was Cinco de Mayo and that a lot of people would probably be there. Yeah, it was packed. I think we stood in line for 20 minutes, but it was worth it!  When we got home Jocelyn took a great nap.  Either she was growing a lot that day or she knew it was my birthday and that was her gift 🙂

Justin got home and surprised with a yummy Ice cream cake from Coldstone.  He remember how much I loved the cake he got me last year, so he got it again. It had red velvet cake, cake batter ice cream and Kit Kats on top!  We went to dinner at Olive Garden and then came home and enjoyed my cake.  Jocelyn scarfed it down. I’ve never seen her eat something so quickly.

That night I got to enjoy my present from Justin. He got me a new pillow, which was something I actually really wanted.  Mine was getting pretty flat.  I told him about a week ago not to do anything for my birthday.   I got a camera and that was my present for this day plus many other future occasions.  He just couldn’t resist, but I’m not complaining. It is great to be thought of!  He made me feel very special!

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