One more exciting thing…

So I wanted to write about this earlier.  January 3oth, Justin and I found out that I amDSC09600

I like to wait until I am out of the first trimester until I tell everyone, so not a lot of people know.  Well, today I had my second doctor appointment and I am 14 weeks along.  Everything looked great and the baby’s heartbeat was around 150.  The expected due date is 10.12.2010.  We are hoping for a 10.10.2010 baby 🙂 As many of you know that would be pretty cool, because Justin’s birthday is 03.03, mine is 05.05, our anniversary is 07.07.2007, Jocelyn’s birthday is 11.30 but she was born at 11:11 PM.   Since I won’t have a scheduled C-section it is all up to the baby.  No pressure :)  No big deal though, we are just really excited.

Even though Jocelyn is only 16 months, she knows there is a baby in my tummy .  She will point to it and say baby and even kiss it.  It is very cute.  We told Justin’s Grannie and Paw Paw in a fun way.  I ironed on “Big Sister” onto the back of a shirt and we put it on Jocelyn.


It was fun to see their reaction.  I go back to the doctor in 4 weeks.  I also have a sonogram scheduled.  I am really excited to see the little one and maybe find out what the gender is.  I also hope we will have some pictures to share next time too.

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