Easter 2010, Part Two

Sunday morning, I got Jocelyn up so she could see what the Easter bunny brought her (really she woke us up).  I love going into her room in the morning, especially because her hair is normally wild like this and it is very cute.  She is also cuddly.  I changed her diaper and then set her free.


She spots her basket



The Easter bunny brought her a bunny cup, lamb Pez dispenser with Pez, chick beanie baby and a marshmallow egg.  She loved everything!

After breakfast we all got ready for church



Church was great.  I enjoyed hearing all about Jesus’ resurrection and all the myths people made up to discredit it.

After church we headed home for some lunch.   I also tried to take more pictures of Jocelyn in her dress but she did not want to look at me!


Finally I got a laugh


We spent the rest of the day doing our Sunday chores.  Jocelyn even put on her swimsuit and helped wash the car. Wish I took pictures!  Hope everyone had a Happy Easter. Hopefully next year when Jocelyn is a little bigger,  I can teach her the real meaning of Easter!