Another day at the park

Justin has really been enjoying his job as a full time employee and I love that he hasn’t had to work on Saturdays.  We got to spend this past Saturday hanging out as a family.  Jocelyn gets so excited to see her daddy in the mornings when he is home on the weekends.  We spent the morning going with Justin to get a haircut and then to the park.  We brought along Jocelyn’s trike so she could ride around. We mainly push it though because she doesn’t know how to pedal yet.



Her favorite thing was the slide; she kept asking for more.




She had a fun weekend and we are all looking forward to Easter next weekend.

Oh and I took a picture last Friday on our walk and wanted to share because I loved her smile


3 thoughts on “Another day at the park

  1. fiza says:

    Omg… Jen I miss my little girl and you sooo much!! I hope we get to see you all soon, and if not maybe we’ll have to plan a trip to Wichita again! Love you so much, hope all is well with you guys! 🙂 Keep in touch!


  2. Jen says:

    Miss you too Fiz!! I know, I need to make it up that way. I am coming up april 24th to visit Lindsey and Liz and maybe I will just come up on the 23rd and we can all hang out that night. Let me know what you think.

  3. Grandma & Grandpa Jim says:

    So happy to see the progress on the house. The pics of Jocelyn are precious. We are, as usual, so very happy and proud of both of you. Glad to hear Justin is happy with his full time status. I know Justin knows that you, Jen, have the best full time job there is out there!!! Full time mother!!! Love to all…..

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