More Exciting News

Now that Justin has a full time job, we have decided to build a house since we think we’ll be here for awhile.  We are very excited to be able to do this and pick out everything we want for it.  It should hopefully be done in August and I will try to post pictures throughout the building process. So far I have taken a few.  Here is Jocelyn by our sold sign on our lot.


We try to take a walk, weather permitting, over there daily to see what progress they have made.  The new house is only a few blocks from the duplex we are living in now. Here is the hole and the footers after they were poured.


And finally, here is where they are at now, except the forms are off.  I didn’t get a great photo so it is hard to tell what it looks like.  They told us they should start framing in a week or two!

From the front


From the back


This will be a walk out walk up out of our basement


We are so excited and in a week, we get to pick out the cabinets, flooring and countertops!

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