Jocelyn: 15 Month Checkup

Jocelyn went in for a checkup today. She was suppose to get two shots, but it turns out she has an ear infection in her right ear.  They decided to wait.  She was sick all last week with a cough, fever and runny nose. So they put her on some medicine today and  hopefully that will help her feel better.  They did weigh and measure her today though.  She weighs 22 pounds 12 ounces (46%), her head is 48.5 cm (97%) and she is 29.25 inches long (14%).  She is very short.  I think the only thing keeping her weight up is her head size 🙂 I think my mom said I was so short when I was little that I wasn’t even on the charts.  So she gets her shortness from me and her big head from Justin.  Jocelyn now has 11 teeth and can climb up and down the stairs at her own will.  At bedtime, once we are done reading and sometimes before,  she puts her hand against her face (sign for sleep).  We then ask her if she wants to go to bed and she shakes her head yes.   This makes bedtime so much easier.