Crazy Weekend, Part One

Last weekend was really busy for us.  Friday, we headed to Arkansas and dropped Jocelyn off in Coffeyville on the way.  We made it to Tom and Jill’s house that night and hung out.  The next morning we all went out for breakfast and then to a local boat show.  It was really fun, but made us miss our boat.  Jill and I entered to win a 7 day cruise and apparently we both won.  They were giving away 15 cruises.  We go to find out about it next weekend and we will see if it is legit.  And we won’t fall for any schemes; My parents have warned us about timeshares.  After the boat show, we went back to Tom and Jill’s to get ready for Chasnie and Jason’s wedding.  I didn’t take a lot of pictures that night, but it was a beautiful wedding!



We headed home that night, picked Jocelyn up on the way and got back around 1:30 AM.  Justin drove most of the way , but I stayed awake to help him stay awake. After packing our bags for our next trip I got to bed around  2AM.

To be continued…

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