Our Unexpected Trip

Justin went to Oklahoma City for work on Tuesday.  Jocelyn and I were planning on staying home since he’d only be gone for 2 days, but he forgot some medicine and we had to bring it to him.  Right before I was about to leave our house, I dropped my phone and the screen broke.  I can’t see anything on it, but it still receives calls and I can push send to call the last person I talked to.  So if you need to reach me, you’ll probably have the best luck calling me at home.   I am going to try to get a new phone tomorrow. While we were here, we stayed in Bricktown and our hotel room overlooked the OKC RedHawks baseball stadium.  They are the Texas Ranger’s AAA team. Little bit of information: My little brother was drafted by the Rangers out of high school, but he decided to go to college.  Now he is with the Houston Astros organization.  I am hoping he will be in Corpus Christi this Spring, because they will play the Tulsa Drillers and that is definitely a game we could go see.  Jocelyn and I are headed home today. We had a lot of fun while we were here and I am upset I forgot my camera.  We got to go on a walk along the river and Jocelyn saw lots of ducks.  We also went to Bass Pro and saw enormous fish.  It is fun staying in a nice hotel, but I love going home to sleep in my own bed.  Everyone sleeps better!  We have one night at home and then we are traveling again.  We have a crazy weekend ahead.