Finished Photo Flashcards

I finished all the flashcards but one.  I still need a to take a photo for Y.  I originally had yellow, but everything else was an object so I figured I better make Y an object too.  I think I will just take a picture of some yogurt in our fridge.  I also need to put a few more coats of Mod Podge over some of the flashcards, but they are close enough for me to consider them done! They are all pictures I took of things around our house; a lot of which Jocelyn plays with or likes.  Here are some pictures of some of my favorite ones.

DSC09930 DSC09929

DSC09931  DSC09932

DSC09934  DSC09933

Jocelyn LOVES them and carries them all around the house.  I think her favorites are the lion (she will growl when she sees it), the apple, and the glasses.  I know she will have a lot of fun playing with these in the future.  They were really fun to make and thanks to the blog avocado and papaya for the wonderful idea! The next project I want to try is making these puzzle blocks.