Thank You!

I just wanted to say thank you for Jocelyn.  She has received so many Valentine cards this week and she has loved opening them.  She gets very excited when I hand one to her.  I give her a little assistance with the envelope, although she does know that she is suppose to tear it. Thanks everyone! Also she has started saying hi when she waves.  I can’t get her to do it on command yet, but it is so adorable when she does do it.  She has definitely mastered the two handed wave.

We have a lot of exciting new things going on around here and coming up in the near future; I can’t wait to blog all about it. Next weekend will be crazy for us.  We are headed to Coffeyville on Friday, Saturday we have a wedding to attend for Chasnie and Jason in Arkansas, and then that night we will be driving back to Wichita, picking Jocelyn up in Coffeyville on the way.  Early Sunday morning, the three of us fly to Atlanta so we can be there for my brother’s engagement party.  Lets just say we will be tired!  Justin has to head back to Wichita that night so he can make it work on Monday.  Jocelyn and I will be coming back on Wednesday.  Wish us luck!

Here is a picture of Jocelyn getting ready to go to Kindermusik last Monday