Another Project?

Yes I know, I am really good at starting projects and then I either take a really long time to get it done or forget about it completely.  I have not forgotten about the quiet book; it is still a work in progress.  I found these though and they were just too cute to pass up, especially since I love taking photos.  Justin had a bunch of plywood in the garage from when he built a loft in college, so I was in luck. Basically they are photo flashcards.  They are 2” x 4” pieces of plywood and on one side there is a picture and the other side is the name of the object or person.  Then a few coats of Mod Podge is applied over the top.  So far I have made three: M for Mom, D for Dad, and J for Jocelyn.  The rest of the pictures I took are of things around our house and I am waiting for those to get here from Shutterfly.  Justin is going to finish cutting the rest of the blocks for me this weekend and I will hopefully finish them this week so Jocelyn can take some of them on our long journey next weekend.  Here are my finished ones:




Oh and here is how I found out about them and how to make them:

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