Crafty Valentine Cards

Here are some cute Valentine’s day card ideas I found from some of my favorite blogs.

The first is a heart that you rip open to get the candy.  This will be cute for Jocelyn to make in the future.  Most of her friends now are a little too young for small candy 🙂

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Here is the link with a tutorial and image you can print out to make your valentines:

The second is from my friend Katie, who went to high school with me.  She is now a teacher.  They are heart shaped crayons!  This is a little more age appropriate for Jocelyn but I am afraid the babies will try to eat them.  This will definitely be great for next year.  I actually bought two silicone heart molds for this very purpose at Target for $2.50.  Thanks Katie for the instructions because I was just going to wing it. Now I don’t have to. I also love the valentines she made to put them on. So cute!

Photo by: Katie Stasiak

Link to tutorial:

And even though Justin and I don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day (he says everyday with me is special, haha), I am always up for a fun craft!