Lawrence & KC visit

We headed to Lawrence Friday night to celebrate Fiza’s birthday.  Justin and I got a hotel room at the Eldridge because we have always wanted to stay there and it is right on Mass St.  The room was beautiful, but I forgot to take pictures of it.  We were right on the corner room, so we could see Mass St. and 7th St.  It was fun to people watch!  We went to dinner at Freestate Brewery and everyone brought back these big pitchers of beer, called Growlers.



All of the girls


Fiza (the birthday girl) and Bryan


We hung out in the hotel for a little while and then went to the Piano Bar.  Justin stayed at the hotel with Jocelyn.

The next morning we all went out for breakfast and then Justin and I drove around campus and checked out all the new things being built.  So much has changed from when we went to school at KU.  We stopped off at the union to check out the new addition the bookstore.


That afternoon we headed to Platte City to see Justin’s grandparents and cousin.  Grandpa made us really good steaks for dinner.  Jocelyn had a fun time playing with Grandma’s bear collection.


We found out Jocelyn loves ice skating.  She just stares and claps.  I think she likes watching them spin.


It was great seeing everyone and we had such a great time!

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