Softball Tourney

We have been really busy this past week and I am finally getting around to blogging. Last Saturday it was so nice out, so we played outside while Justin cleaned up his garage a little bit.


I think Jocelyn has really missed being outside and we are both ready for Spring.  She had to pull out her shades because it was so sunny.


Later in the day we went up to watch my cousin play indoor softball.


I caught a few photos of her practicing off to the side before their game.

Jocelyn ran around with my cousin, Shayla, and some other kids.  They loved her and she had a lot of fun!

Trevor and Mammaw came up on Sunday morning to stay the night with us because they had a train ride to California from Newton on Monday morning at 3am. Mammaw went to church with Justin and I took the kids to the softball game.  Myranda’s team whooped the Wichita team.  It was good seeing my grandparents, cousins, and aunt, since I don’t see them that often.