Quiet Book, pg 1

I finished up page one this weekend. I found the template for this page from a blog called homemade by Jill.  She has a lot of neat ideas for quiet book pages as well as other projects. Here is the link to the template if you are interested: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_ouIAKLgIbj8/SlGaXjC7-LI/AAAAAAAAFbM/o9tytnUT8lw/s1600-h/mailbox+template.JPG

Here is my finished mailbox page



Here is the letter I made for the inside of the mailbox.  If you want to make Jocelyn a letter feel free, they should be no bigger than 4.5” by 3.5”. You can also still see the pink from the pen I used but that goes away in a few days. 

DSC09266 DSC09267 DSC09263

Page two is almost complete but I might take a little break. I have been busy busy lately.