Quiet Book, pg 4

About 3 months ago, I started making Jocelyn a quiet book.  A quiet book is usually a soft, interactive cloth book which encourages children to practice age-appropriate skills.  It is perfect to take on long car rides or to church.  I am planning on having 12 pages done by her 2nd birthday.  After that I will try to add more pages to it each year.  When I first got started, I got a lot done on pages 2 and 3 but then  I took a break. I finally finished pages 3 and 4 today, minus the binding, which I am going to use grommets and rings to attach together.  I can’t show you page 3 yet because it goes with page 2 and that isn’t complete yet.  I do, however, want to show you page 4.  I got most of the ideas from research on the internet, but I actually made this one up myself.  As soon as I complete a page, I will try to upload a post because I know my mom wants to see :)  I am also going to try to get templates up so people can make their own quiet books for their kids or grandkids.  That might take  a while though.

Here is page four


Jocelyn loves cats so much, so of course I had to put some in the mittens.  They are attached to string so she won’t lose them.


That’s all for now.  Hopefully pages 1 and 2 will be done soon!

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