Ornaments, Photoshop and Jocelyn

I have been having trouble coming up with names for my blog posts lately.  If you have any good names or ideas for posts let me know.  Here are some photos I have taken this past week.

Here is Jocelyn’s first ornament this season that she got from my mom

Yesterday Jocelyn got a balloon. This is what happened when she let go and it floated to the ceiling.

The Pioneer Woman has these amazing FREE action sets you can upload into Photoshop.  If you have Photoshop, I highly recommend them.  Just one click of a button and you have a beautifully edited photo with out all the work. Here is an example of some of the actions. My mom gave me this ornament when I was in college.  It means I love you :)  Which action is your favorite?


Some cute photos I got of Jocelyn today