B is for Birthday

Today we celebrated Jocelyn’s first birthday (which is actually on Monday) and I took so many photos! I will try to keep the talking to a minimum because this post will be very long.

We spent the morning in Tulsa at my grandparents house.

 DSC07823 DSC07830

She opened some gifts and got a cd player and blankets from  my grandparents and pair of very cute boots from my aunt and cousins.

DSC07832 DSC07836 DSC07844

DSC07849 DSC07851

My girl has become very boy crazy. She snuggled up with Carson and didn’t want to leave his side.

DSC07854 DSC07856

Here is a photo of my grandparents with all their great grandchildren


Jocelyn with Shayla and Hailey

DSC07859 DSC07875

We traveled back to Coffeyville for her birthday party




  We took her photos with her cupcakes and she decided it was time to eat


 DSC07909 DSC07908 DSC07911


  DSC07913 DSC07918

Time to open gifts…

DSC07936 DSC07940 DSC07973 DSC07965


Thank you everyone for her cute gifts…I know she will have fun playing with and looking at all of them!

Jocelyn and Taylor


Emmalee and Jocelyn


Cupcakes round two (and she actually didn’t get too messy)

DSC07991 DSC08000 DSC07996 

Family photo


My brother is a goof 🙂



Thanks to everyone for helping Jocelyn celebrate her first birthday!

4 thoughts on “B is for Birthday

  1. Aunt Lynn says:


    It looks like it was a wonderful Birthday Time for all of you. I am so glad you were able to see all of your families. Everyone looks so great! And Jocelyn just keeps getting cuter and sweeter. She must be so fun now being able to do so much and really communicate.

    I am so happy for all of you!

    Love to all,

  2. Jim & Joan says:

    Great pics…..we had a great time. We are blessed to have such a beautiful family…..especially the great-grandchildren!!! Grandpa Jim and Grandma Joan

  3. Sarah Joy says:

    Jen and Justin- Your family is so cute! I’m so excited to see you all when you come to KC next weekend! I can’t wait to see the girlie walk!!! Love you all! Miss you so much!


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