We haven’t been up to much since our fall last week.  Jocelyn and I have been taking it easy and Justin has been working a lot.  He starts his new job next week and is very excited!  Jocelyn hasn’t started walking again yet but is standing up on her own.  My backside is still sore, so I can only imagine that her foot feels the same way.  She probably doesn’t want to put all of her weight on that foot yet.  Poor thing!  Hopefully she will back to normal before her birthday party next Friday.  I made her a Happy Birthday Jocelyn banner except it was really long, so I took off her name and hung it in her room.  Justin laughed because I have her name hanging in her room in two different spots…oh well, I thought it was cute!  Maybe it will help her learn to spell her name 🙂



Two days ago Justin taught Jocelyn how to stick the plastic coins in her singing piggy bank.  It counts the coins as you put them in.  She was very proud of herself! Here is a video I took of them.


My mom and Mimi come tomorrow and then my dad and brother on Wednesday.  I am excited to see everyone!

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