Lesson Learned #3

I was hoping to post a video of Jocelyn walking all across the room like she did two nights ago.   I planned on making one yesterday until we had a little slipup. And so my lesson learned is…


I was headed downstairs, Jocelyn on my hip, to do some laundry.  We made it to about the third step down when my foot slipped and down we went .  Luckily there is a landing cutting our stairs in half, otherwise we would have gone down 10 stairs.  By the time we reached the bottom of 4 stairs, we were both in tears.  I called Justin to come home from work because he had the car.  He was confused at first because all he could hear was screaming.  I got Jocelyn undressed to make sure she was okay.  I couldn’t see anything wrong.  By the time Justin got home her ankle had swelled pretty bad and was turning black and blue.  I think her right foot got caught behind me when we fell.  We decided to take her to the ER to be safe.  My backside and arm were bruised but I decided that I was okay. They had to take some x-rays of her foot, but everything turned out to be fine, just a little swollen and bruised.  They gave her some medicine for the pain, told us to take it easy and sent us on our way.  I have probably delayed her walking video a week or so, but when she is back to normal we will make sure to get a good one.  Today we are relaxing and I think she is feeling better.  We are both just pretty sore.   So to any moms out there, please be careful on your stairs!!

No broken bones in the foot


I wanted to share this because you can see her cute little chubby leg and no broken bones!

Jocelyn Leg 

Taking it easy today


2 thoughts on “Lesson Learned #3

  1. Grandma & Grandpa Jim says:

    Wow. What a scare to you. Now you know to sit on the stairs and butt down instead of walk down. I’m sure it scared the poopy out of Justin which is ok because he just may have needed it!! Glad all is ok. You did well by going to the ER. Her little hands and legs are cute!! Glad you are ok also. Yes. Socks on carpet is a bad combo. Thanks for the update. Our hugs to all……grandpa & grandma

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