Jocelyn: 11 months

Jocelyn turned 11 months last Friday and I cannot believe she will be one in 28 days!  She has changed so much during this past month.  She is walking (not very well yet), she can blow kisses, point out her head, mouth, teeth, ears, tongue, feet, toes, and arms. She can “woof” like a dog and make the sign for dog and cat. She says mama, dada, nana, baba, bye bye, the sound f makes, lala and papa. She can use a fork to stab her food.  

Grannie and Paw Paw got her these videos called “Your Baby Can Read” and she loves them.  She will go over to the bookshelf with all of her movies and specifically pick out “Your Baby Can Read” and bring it to me because she wants to watch it.  I think it has really taught her a lot.  She will wave and then point to the word hi without any picture clues.  Today she was saying baby and then pointed to the word.  Not sure if this is just a lucky guess but I think she is such a smarty.  She really enjoys going to the nursery during church and our Financial Peace Class now.  Here is a reminder of how small she once was compared to now…


DSC02203bw  DSC07045 (2)

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