H is for Halloween

Jocelyn celebrated her first Halloween yesterday as a pumpkin.  We took some photos outside before we headed out for dinner.


CIMG4128 (2)





DSC07266 DSC07291 DSC07304



Justin’s parents were in town and took us out to dinner at Applebee’s.  Jocelyn wore her costume for a free meal. After dinner, Justin and I took her to about 10 houses and she got a lot of candy for a baby!  She also insisted on carrying her pumpkin, but Justin had to help her towards the end because it got heavy.



“Trick or Treat”


Waiting patiently for candy


Everyone thought she was so cute and one lady even took her photo :)  When we got home she dug into her candy and wanted to hold it all at once.  She had a lot of fun!


CIMG4139 (2)

This was my favorite Halloween yet and I’m sure each year will get more and more fun!

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