A Visit from Friends

Sarah, Becca, Erin, and Fiza got in around 9 on Friday night.  We chatted and watched Saw 1.  Since Fiza and Sarah are allergic to Gracie, we set up a tent for them to sleep in.  One to keep Gracie from sleeping on their heads and two to help keep some of the cat dander out of their sleeping area.  Poor girls, I feel so bad that they are allergic.



Saturday morning, we got up and I made eggs and Halloween pancakes for everyone.  We all hung out in the kitchen for a while while Jocelyn entertained us with her smiling and dancing.




After that we all went up to the little pumpkin patch in our town.  We each got a pumpkin to carve.   They even had little stickers to put on the small pumpkins, so we got some for Jocelyn’s.





When we got back home, we all carved our pumpkins.  Jocelyn was pretty tired, so she took a nap during most of it.


Here is Sarah’s pumpkin


Here is my pumpkin.  I decided to go simple this year.  I will leave the difficult carving to the pumpkin carving master, Justin.  Hopefully we’ll get to carve some more pumpkins next weekend.


Here are all the pumpkins. From Left to Right: Erin’s, Mine, Fiza’s, and Sarah’s

DSC06641                                                                                                                                                                              The girls were sweet enough to leave me all their pumpkins for my front porch.  It now has six pumpkins on it, four of them carved.  After lunch at Applebee’s, the girls headed back to Kansas City.  It was great seeing them and we’ve already planned our next visit.  Justin, Jocelyn and I will go up in December to do our Secret Santa.  Can’t wait to see them again!