Chevy update

I haven’t put up an update on Justin’s Chevy in a long time.  After attempting to sandblast the frame and seeing how much work it was going to take, he decided to tear down the paint booth and hire someone to do it for him as well as powder coat it.  He found a really good price and is saving his money.  He has tore the frame down quite a bit.

Here is what it looks like after this past weekend



As you can see he has taken off the front and rear end, the transmission cross member and some other stuff that I really don’t know the names of.  Hey, at least I remembered a couple of things.  This would be in much more detail if he was typing!  He took apart the rear end last night to show me the inside of the differential.  If you aren’t sure what that is, look it up because either I can’t remember or I just don’t know how to explain it (more likely the first choice).  All I know is that it was oily.


As soon as he gets the frame powder coated I will put up some pictures.  That will more than likely be a few months.