Jocelyn: 10 months

I just wanted to share with everyone that Jocelyn said her first word: Bye-bye.  I think she said it last weekend while we were in Florida, but I definitely understood it when she was waving bye to Justin as he left for work.  Another  cute thing she has learned to do in this past month is put her arms up.  Just ask her and she’ll do it.  She is so proud of herself.  She isn’t walking yet but I’m sure she will be by her 1st birthday. She even stood up from squatting without holding onto anything. She now has 6 teeth (4 on top and 2 on bottom), she can sign fish and all done, and she can point.  We haven’t got Jocelyn a costume for Halloween yet, but think she is going to be a pumpkin. This is my favorite month of the year, so Happy October!