Jocelyn goes to Florida

We headed down Friday morning to visit my little brother.  The car ride was really long, especially for a 10 month old.  She slept (not much), played, cried, ate, and cried some more. Eight hours later we arrived in Orlando.  We met my brother and one of his teammates for dinner.  I had homemade rootbeer and Jocelyn ate all the avocados off my turkey sandwich.  Saturday, we headed to the baseball field to catch part of a game.


Jocelyn and my dad really bonded this trip. He was always wanting to carry her or push her stroller. Very cute!


My brother didn’t have to play so we got to sit with him in the stands. Jocelyn loved watching baseball.


DSC05960 CIMG1501

What a beautiful (and hot) day for baseball.



Afterwards, we headed to Old Town, which was across from our hotel. There were a bunch of rides and restaurants.  I took Jocelyn on the carousel again since she loved it so much. This time she rode a brown horse.



After lunch, my mom and I took Jocelyn to the pool to cool down.


Later that night we went to the mall and then California Pizza Kitchen for Dinner.


Sunday, Chris and my dad got up early and played golf while the girls slept in (not much). We headed to the town of Celebration for lunch.  It has cute little houses and shops.



And I especially loved the decorations and the Farmer’s Market


Here is Jocelyn and her best buddy, Minnie, at lunch


We drove back today and Jocelyn did 10x better than on the trip down there.  When she got tired we put on some Jack Johnson and she was sleeping within minutes. I enjoyed seeing my brother. I also enjoyed making these with my mom tonight!

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