Cake Pops

Aren’t these adorable?



They are called Cake Pops and you can find how to make them here at Bakerella’s blog.  I have been eyeing them for awhile, so my mom and I decided to give them a try tonight.  We made the Red Velvet Cake and let it cool.  Then we put it in the bowl 1/4 at a time and pulled it apart with two forks.


Pictures aren’t that great due to the fact that we had no natural light and I didn’t want to use my flash.  Next we dumped all of the cake in a Ziploc bag and added 3/4 can of cream cheese icing and mixed it up. Then we spooned the mixture with a small cookie scoop onto cookie sheets lined with wax paper and popped it in the fridge for a couple of hours.  We probably needed to leave in the fridge longer.



After a couple of hours, I heated up the orange chocolate.  Since the cake balls probably needed more fridge time, it was kind of difficult.  I think we’ll need some more practice.  We only did about 10 tonight and will try to do the rest tomorrow after they are firmer. Here are some we made.


Once again sorry for the poor lighting!


Not near as cute as Bakerella’s. Oh well, they tasted amazing!