Our trip so far…

Jocelyn and I left for Atlanta on Wednesday afternoon to visit my parents.  It was a beautiful day. Check out these white fluffy clouds! DSC05889

Oh and I put our Halloween decorations up the night before.  I felt like I was slacking a little bit because I think I normally put them up in early September.  I know, pathetic, right? Check out these cute cooking utensils my mom got me a couple of years ago.


And this apron…I can’t wait to wear it!


Jocelyn of course found the Halloween kitty and had to give him kisses 🙂



We arrived at the airport and got through security with all of our things. I didn’t check any bags since they charge you even for one! Needless to say, we had quite the load of stuff. While waiting for the plane to arrive and for us to board, Jocelyn met a new little friend, Noah.  He was 11 months and was headed with his momma to Michigan, stopping through Atlanta first.  They played on the floor for a little bit while I chatted with his mom. She was very nice!



We made it safely and Jocelyn did great on the flight.  I had numerous compliments on how good she was, how cute she was, and “Her eyes are so blue and beautiful!”  My dad picked us up from the airport.  We arrived to their house after some mild Atlanta traffic.  With all the rain the road they normally take to their house was closed. We had to take a detour which probably added an extra 20 minutes to our drive.  Today, my mom had a break in her work schedule, so we went up to the mall for lunch.  Jocelyn saw the giant carousel and pointed to it and clapped.  After lunch, I took her for a ride.  She rode on a white horse and LOVED it. She giggled and smiled the whole time.  It was so cute!





My mom got her these cute Halloween bows. Here is one of them. She kept pulling them out though.



Before dinner tonight, we went over to the Salley’s to say hello to Donna and Eddie. They are my brother’s girlfriend, Lauren’s, parents. Eddie is the baby whisperer. Jocelyn loves him. She is trying to eat the fake apple in this photo 🙂



We looked at Donna and Eddie’s wedding photos and if any of you know Lauren, you will see how alike her and her mom look . It is crazy!



I said Eddie was the baby whisperer, well my dad is the dog whisperer. Well, maybe just the Bella whisperer. Chris and Lauren’s dog, Bella, loves my dad. After we left, Donna called us to tell us Bella was still yelping because my dad left.


Tomorrow, we leave for Florida to go see my brother.  He is down there for Fall baseball practice and meetings.  He gets back next Thursday, the day after we leave. Go Figure! I will hopefully have a lot more cute photos after this weekend. I can’t wait to see my little bro!!!

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