A New Sunday Tradition

Justin and I really enjoyed going to church with Grannie and Paw Paw last weekend.  Since we’ve been married, we haven’t been to a church regularly.  We have always been traveling or worried of moving.  We didn’t want to settle somewhere and then have to leave the next week.  Now that Jocelyn is here, we thought it was probably a good time to start going.  We think (hope) we will be in the area for awhile. This will give Jocelyn a chance to interact with some kids, instead of always hanging around Mom and Dad. Justin and I also wanted a chance to meet some people around our age with kids.  I found a church on Friday that I thought looked like a good one to try.  Justin and I were also interested in taking Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University class and some churches offer them.  I did a quick check and the church we were trying did.  It is a 13 week class, that will teach us about budgeting and beyond.  We got up this morning and had our Waffle Sunday breakfast, which hasn’t happened in awhile.  This is a tradition that Justin’s mom made for the boys when they were little and she still does it today.  It is really easy to fix before church.

Once we got to church, we had someone show us where to go.  We really enjoyed the service.  It was more modern than what I am used to and went by really fast. Afterwards, we had our Financial Peace class.  Jocelyn went down to the nursery and had a lot of fun. I think I was more worried than she was!  We met a nice couple in our class around our age.  The woman was pregnant and due November 30th, Jocelyn’s birthday!  Her husband and Justin had a similar field of work, so they had a lot to talk about. 

After we got home, Jocelyn took a nap and Justin worked on sandblasting his truck frame. It worked really good, but made a huge mess.  The church had a huge cookout and gather tonight with fireworks on their 40 acre property.  We didn’t go because we had no mode of transportation.  We did get to see the fireworks from our front porch though.  It was actually better for Jocelyn because it wasn’t as loud.  She really enjoyed the pretty lights! We bought a new car on Saturday, but it won’t be ready until Thursday.  At least they are bringing us a loaner car tomorrow.  We got a 2007 Passat Wagon and I love it.  I will get pictures as soon as we get it. It is silver with black interior.  Here is what the body style will look like:


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