Almost there…

Justin and I have been working really hard at accomplishing a goal we have set for ourselves.  We are getting pretty close.  We sold our boat, truck, Lexus, and paid off 3 credit cards (all in 3 weeks).  All we have now is two student loans and one other loan.  We are 2/3 the way out of debt.  I am just SO proud of us.  I even have enough cash to go out and buy me a new car tomorrow.  I could get a nice car and spend all my money or go for a cheaper one, allowing us to pay off one of the student loans and buy a new DSLR camera. I am leaning more towards the second choice.  I found a car I really like and it isn’t that expensive. It is old though and most of you will probably laugh.  That’s okay though because I will laugh when we are out of debt 🙂  We will see what happens and hopefully I will get something soon.  We have also now cut our monthly cost of living down 25%.  I will say it again: I am SO proud.  If you are feeling inspired, then read The Total Money Makeover.  It will inspire you a lot more! And if you aren’t inspired, then have fun being in debt 🙂

By the way this is totally off topic but I just read Ellen is the new judge on American Idol and this is really awesome. I love Ellen and AI!

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