Labor Day Weekend

Friday afternoon, we went down Coffeyville for the weekend to help Grannie and Paw Paw tear down the old porch on their rental house and build a new one.  Jocelyn and I packed while we waited for Justin to get off work.  I was carrying laundry upstairs and found her waiting for me.



Yes, I carry my camera around with me a lot to capture these moments.  I am a nerd!  We got to Coffeyville around 6, just in time for dinner.

Saturday, Justin went to help Paw Paw with the porch tear down.  I stayed back with Jocelyn so she could nap .  She only napped for 30 minutes.  I think she was just too excited to see everyone and didn’t want to miss anything.  She was pretty tired at lunch time and we even thought she might fall asleep on her tray.


She kept pointing at Emmie and signing more all weekend.  She wanted to go over and pet her.  If the weather is nice this weekend, we might take her to the zoo.  She loves animals!


  After lunch, Grannie decided to stay with Jocelyn so I could go help the guys.  She still didn’t nap very well.  That night we went to Grannie and Paw Paw’s to stay the night.  We played games and Jocelyn didn’t want to go to sleep.  I tried rocking her and put her in her crib.  Justin went to check on her 10 minutes later and she was still crying. So, we gave in (that doesn’t happen too often) and she got up and played games with us.  She didn’t end up falling asleep until 11:30. She is so stubborn!

Sunday morning, Paw Paw made us breakfast.  Jocelyn got to try eggs and biscuits & gravy.  She loved it!


Justin noticed this really neat spider web outside, so I got a few photos of it.



Jocelyn kept pointing over to the window, so she came over to see me.




After breakfast we headed to Sunday school.  We went into Grannie and Paw Paw’s class.  The people thought Jocelyn was cute.  She would wave at them and they really thought it was funny when she scrunched her little nose at them.  During church,  Jocelyn was so tired,  Justin had to get up and leave the room because she was being so loud.  He finally got her to sleep.  She slept almost all the way back to Terri and Greg’s house.


We spent the rest of the day working on the porch.  Here is a silhouette of Justin on the roof and some more photos.

DSC05370 (2)





Yesterday was our last day and we got a lot done on the porch (by we I everyone else).


DSC05475 DSC05485


They even had sometime for a little fun



Here is where they where at when I headed  home.


We made it home safely and even had someone come to look at my car.  They decided they wanted to buy it, so there is some more debt we got rid of.  Now I need to find me a new car that I can pay cash for.  Dave Ramsey would be so proud!