Some food blogs I have stumbled upon and really enjoy

  • Eat At Home

I really enjoy this one because she makes weekly menus, along with the recipes and shopping list. This makes it easy and has even inspired me to make a calender with Meals for the month of September. I am working on my shopping list to go along with it. Hopefully this will minimize trips to the store!

A few favorites

Chicken and Dumplings :


Chicken Brocolli Divan:

So many recipes! I haven’t tried any yet, but they look amazing.

A few favorites

Blueberry Pancakes:

Bretzel Rolls:

Tomato and Corn Pie: 

Ree is an amazing cook and photographer.

So many recipes I want to try, but here are some I have.

The Best Lasagna. Ever: (Makes a lot probably enough to feed 10 people, I am going to half it next time. Very delish!)

Garlic Cheese Bread:

Pasta alla Marlboro Man: ( Justin said this was similar to his mom’s goulash. We will use macaroni noodles next time. Justin thought the rigatoni noodles were too big!)

I cook both of these with the Garlic cheese bread and they are amazing. These are all probably not that healthy. So if you are concerned about that, then I would stear clear! If not, ENJOY!!

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