Jocelyn: Happy 9 Months

It has already been nine months since Jocelyn was born. She has learned a lot.  I love that she waves at people she doesn’t know, claps when she is excited or wants something, when she crinkles her nose and hisses, when she smiles at us for no reason, gives high fives, and especially when she loves on us.  As you probably know, she also knows a few signs to help her express what she needs. And how many of you know a nine month old who uses the potty?  It isn’t regular or anything, but we are working on it along with the potty sign.  She is already such an amazing person (baby)!

Today, Justin let Jocelyn try some of his spinach.  She loved it, so she must take that after her dad.  She also ate some of my corn.  She loves her veggies!

DSC05022 DSC05024



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