Lesson Learned #2:

NEVER leave your baby on the changing table, even while strapped in and even if it is only for 15 seconds!  Eventually they will learn to escape and stand up on the table while grabbing the sides!

Jocelyn’s cloth diapers have these liners I put in to make for an easier clean-up.  I just take the liner and flush it down the toilet.  I have been changing her on the floor a lot lately, but for some reason today I stuck her up on her changing table.  Maybe because she tries to get away from me while I am trying to put her diaper on.  She thinks it is so funny to crawl away with no diaper. She crawls so fast and then turns to laugh at me. It is very cute! Anyways I got her new cloth diaper on and went to throw away the liner.  I left her strapped on the table because I still had to put her cover on over the cloth diaper. Bad Idea. I came back 15 seconds later to find her out of the straps and standing while grabbing onto the sides.  I didn’t know she was an escape artist.  I will not be leaving her again on that table alone even for 2 seconds. Just glad her and I were lucky this time.  Lesson Learned!

I wish I had a photo of this but it was either grab my camera or witness an injury…so no photo, sorry!

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