My Husband, Engineer and Mechanic

About 2 weeks ago, Justin and I decided to start our Total Money Makeover.  For those of you who haven’t read Dave Ramsey’s book, the main idea is credit cards are evil and only use money you have.  What a good idea! Why didn’t we think of that before?  It is also full of other financial advice. Basically, you go through 7 baby steps in order to get out of debt, and save for an emergency fund, retirement and your kid’s college.  We decided we really needed to do this so we would be better prepared for an “emergency” next time.  We got our boat and truck on Craigslist last Monday.  Both have already sold and are gone from our lives.  We cut 1/3 of our debt out in one week!  Justin planned on using some of the extra money we made from to boat to buy him a car to get him to and from work.  Little did I know he would fall in love with a 72’ Chevy that was in no means ready to get him to work.  As long as I have known him, he has wanted to fix up an old vehicle again like he did in high school.  So here he is again.  I have offered him my driving services and  will be taking him to and from work until his truck is drivable. At least it is only five minutes away.  Justin and Curtis went to pick the truck up last night.  They got home around 9:30 and didn’t get the truck off the trailer until about midnight.  It would have help had the axles turned and the tires weren’t flat.  Needless to say, it was in our garage this morning.  The guys have spent all day driving around trying to find things they need for the truck and re-organizing the garage. We have now acquired a sand blaster and engine stand.  I have spent the day taking pictures of the truck and Jocelyn and I rode along with them to the stores. We had to make sure they didn’t spend too much money.  At least it was our money they were spending and not some credit card company’s!  I will try to keep track of his progress by posting pictures.  Here is what we’ve got done so far today.

DSC04619 Rusti

DSC04577 “What did I get myself into?”





DSC04593      DSC04596

DSC04599  DSC04604 Engine

DSC04617Truck Bed

DSC04664Deflated Tire

DSC04676    Trying out his sand blaster

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