Last Lake Weekend

This weekend, Justin’s parents, brothers, and nephew came to visit.  They got in Friday night.  We planned on taking the boat out on Saturday, but it rained all day, so we just hung out around the house.  Trevor and Jocelyn had fun playing.  Sunday morning, we headed to the lake and spent all afternoon there.  It was so much fun! At one point, Justin and Curtis were on the tube and John was driving.  He slung them around and they got going really fast.  They ended up cart wheeling across the water.  It was pretty funny, but they were hurting afterwards.  Trevor even got in the tube and went for a ride, but at a much slower pace.  He enjoyed it and liked going over the bumps.  Justin’s mom got up on the wakeboard and we were very proud of her!  I forgot to get the lake pictures from Terri, but here are some other ones she took that weekend!






CIMG3796  CIMG3800

CIMG3802 CIMG3811



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