New Job…in about ten years

When we are done having kids, I want to have a photography studio.  I will need a new DSLR camera first.  My father-in-law and I discussed this over the weekend and tried to pick out some good ones.  We decided that I will need to start saving  my extra grocery/ gas money because the good cameras are so expensive.  It might take me until all the kids are born and off to school to save up enough money anyways! I would love to photograph babies and kids.  I was trying to gather some of my favorite photographs so far of Jocelyn.  I know everyone has seen them before, but here they are again. Newest to Oldest. 

jen1DSC04456frame jen6DSC03897frameCIMG2801 (2)frameDSC03576frameDSC03331frameDSC03182frameDSC03046frameDSC02979frameDSC02203bwframeDSC02174frameDSC02115frameDo you like the nifty frame around the photos? Professional photographers usually put these or something similar on their photos to copywrite them.  I would love to know which photos are your favorites?  Thanks!

3 thoughts on “New Job…in about ten years

  1. k8tinpink says:

    Don’t wait 10 years! Start now! I have my Canon XTi, and even though it is a starter DSLR, I’ve learned a lot with it and I love it. It’s true what they say too, it’s not the camera, it’s the lens! So maybe try a used camera to get you started. Let me know if you have any questions! I’m not an expert but I’d love to help!

    • Jen says:

      Thanks Katie. I really want to. I am actually trying to sell my car and buy a cheaper one so I can get a camera. I really like the Nikon D90. I just don’t know yet though. Can’t decide between Nikon and Canon. Do have any opinion on that matter? My father in law thinks I should get a Hasselblad. He was joking…I think. I am sure I will have lots of questions. I love your photos and enjoy reading your blog! Let me know what you think on what kind of camera I should get.

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