Annual Arkansas Trip

Friday night we headed down to Arkansas to visit Tom and Jill and some other friends that came down.  We arrived around midnight and Jocelyn slept most of the way.  She woke up when we got there and got to see everyone.  She didn’t end up going to sleep until 2:30 that night because she was excited.  We actually had to drive her around to get her to go to back to sleep.  The next day, Tom and Jill took us out on their new boat.  It is very nice!  We had fun swimming and wakeboarding.  Jocelyn was so good the whole day.  She loves the wind whipping through her hair.  Jill made us tacos for dinner and they were so good! After Jocelyn took a bath, she ate and went to sleep.  She was so tired  and worn out from the lake, that she slept from 8pm until 7:30 this morning. 

CIMG1020picnik Tom and Jocelyn

CIMG1022picnik Jamie, Jocelyn, Me, and Jill

CIMG1026picnik Swimming

DSC04423 (2)picnik

DSC04456 (2)picnik

DSC04474picnik    Me  and Jill

DSC04479picnik      Tom and Jill

We headed home today, stopping in Coffeyville to see Justin’s parents, brother and nephew. She really enjoyed riding on the rocky puppy, which was Justin’s when he was little.