Kasey Chan

So, Kit was trying to figure out a name for the baby and I gave him a lot of suggestions. He ended up picking one of the names I suggested! They wanted an American name in addition to his Chinese name, which is Chan Ho Yaik.  I tried combining their names to come up with a name, but I couldn’t come up with anything.  I also tried taking the first letters of their names, which are  K and  C and combining them, which is Kasey.  These are the list of names from which they chose: Kasey, Kenneth, Casey, Miles, Ezra, Kade, Alvin, Alfred, Elvis, Nathan, Aaron, Riley and Harry.  Kit sent me this message this morning after I asked him if they had chosen a name yet.

“Yeah! Kasey, his name is Kasey! Charlene and I really like your idea. Thank you sooo much for that, really. I’ll tell the baby all the credit goes to his aunt Jenny!”

Anyways, just wanted to let everyone know Baby Chan’s name 🙂

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