Trip to KC

Wednesday afternoon, Jocelyn and I headed to Kansas City.  My friend Julie was coming to town and needed a ride from the airport on Thursday morning.  Everyone else had to work, so I decided I needed to go.  Julie has been in Taiwan for the past year teaching English.  What an amazing experience!   She came back to the States (Colorado) for the summer and returns to Taiwan at the end of the month.  Wednesday night, Jocelyn and I went to Grandma and Grandpa Guerra’s house.  Grandpa made us quesadillas and they were amazing.  We got to visit and catch up on everything.  It was great seeing them!  Thursday morning, we picked Julie up and headed to Sarah’s apartment.  Sarah had to work until noon, so we waited around for her to get off work and then headed to lunch.  After lunch we went back to Sarah’s and hung out, talked, and watched Jocelyn play with Sarah’s puppy Harvey.  He is so cute and great with kids!

DSC04360 (2)

Becca stopped by for a little bit that night, but she couldn’t stay because she was going out to celebrate her little brother’s 21st birthday. Erin also came over.  We all went to Chipotle for dinner and then to the Kansas Sampler.  They have so many cute KU things.  I wanted to buy all the baby stuff, but didn’t.  I actually didn’t buy one thing and I am very proud of myself!  For the rest of the night we just stayed in and watched a movie.  Friday, Sarah and Erin had to go to work, so Julie and I waited to hear from Becca and then we all went out to lunch.  After lunch, I got the car packed up and Jocelyn and I drove back home.  It was a fun trip and was great to see everyone!

DSC04408                                                       Jocelyn and Aunt Julie

DSC04410                                                        Aunt Becca and Jocelyn

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