Kit’s Baby

Kit and his wife, Charlene, had their baby boy on July 31st.  He said his wife is doing very good and the birth went quickly.  The baby was 7 pounds 3 ounces.  They still don’t have a name for him.  Kit wants to name him Elvis, but he says his aunt doesn’t agree, so they are still thinking about it.  He is open to suggestions, so if you have a name, send it my way and I will let him know.  Here are some photos I stole from Kit.  The baby is adorable! Oh and yes the blanket is pink in some pictures and no it is not a girl.  I already asked about that. He said the nurses thought the baby liked pink 🙂


6220_736066065709_16808348_42048594_4473282_n                                                       Charlene and baby boy Chan

6220_736066210419_16808348_42048596_3679809_n 6220_736066220399_16808348_42048598_4565431_n

6220_736066320199_16808348_42048601_7916854_n                                                      Kit and the new baby boy

Side Note: Seeing a newborn makes me weak in the knees and want to have about 100 more kids (okay maybe just 3).  I need to stop looking at the photos now!