A little visit

We really enjoyed my parents visit this past weekend.  My mom got in Friday night.  We went to Applebee’s for dinner and then enjoyed watching Dan in Real Life at home.  I really love that movie.  Saturday afternoon  Jocelyn , my mom and I headed to Marion to visit Mimi. Justin was about an hour behind us because he had to work.  He pulled the boat along with him.  That night Mimi treated us to Mexican food, which was delish!  After dinner, Justin, Jocelyn, my mom and I headed to Marion Reservoir.  It was so beautiful outside.  A Little cold even when we got up on the wakeboard. 


CIMG1349Once we got home this cat wondered onto Mimi’s porch. It was very cute, but we don’t need another one :) 


Sunday morning we went to church.  Jocelyn was great and enjoyed singing along with everyone!   Afterwards, Mimi really wanted to get photos with one of her best friend’s family. They were excited because they both had their great grandbabies in town visiting.





Sunday afternoon, we headed back to Derby.  As soon as my dad arrived, we loaded up the boat and headed to the lake.  We all got to swim and Justin and I got on the wakeboard.  It was a beautiful night. I have been learning and polishing my trailer backing skills and getting a lot better.  A guy that was watching near by told me I did a great job, but I need to slow down my movements a little.  I will try this next time. Monday, we just hung around the house.  On Tuesday, it was my mom’s birthday.  Now, I am not going to say how old, but she looks wonderful for her age!  We went to Rib Crib for dinner.  It was amazing!  My parents headed to California to see my brother on Wednesday. It was great seeing them and we hope to get to ATL within the next month or so.

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