New Accomplishments

My mom comes today and we are getting excited! I have been trying to get the house clean today.  Almost done.  Jocelyn is really starting to love her rocking horse Grandma Joan and Grandpa Jim got her for Christmas last year.  When I went to get her out of her crib from her nap, I found her just staring at it.  So I let her ride on him, which she loves, and then brush him. I showed her how to brush him first and then gave her the brush.  I was very surprised when she actually did it all by herself.   She was very proud!  Oh and did I mention, Tuesday, she learned to wave and pull herself up!  What a big girl!  Anyways, I thought her brushing her horse was really cute.  We will leave to go pick up my mom from the airport in about three hours. My dad gets here Sunday.


6130_731436084229_16804110_41834610_4972361_n 6130_731436233929_16804110_41834616_7324799_n

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