We made it to Atlanta

We arrived in Atlanta last night around 8:10 Eastern time.  Jocelyn slept most of the flight and drive back to my parents house.  She was upset at the beginning of the flight but only because she was hungry and tired.  As soon as we took off, I got her out of her seat, fed her, played a little, and then put her back into her carseat.  She fell asleep right away.  The trip was uneventful other than I stubbed my toe getting off the plane. It really hurt. Jocelyn woke up as soon as we arrived to my parents house and was happy to get out of her carseat.  Nana held her right away.  Jocelyn loves her Nana!  They played for awhile and Nana fed Jocelyn while I ate.  Today we are going up to Nana’s work to show Jocelyn to everyone and then go to lunch.  Tomorrow we leave for Hilton Head!!