My new guitar

I have always wanted to buy a guitar and teach myself to play.   Last week, after approval from Justin, I went to Guitar Center.  I bought a beginners pack that came with a Fender guitar and everything else I needed .  So far I know a few songs and Jocelyn loves to hear me play even though I’m not very good.

05.12.09    The new guitar

I also had a little photo shoot with Jocelyn.  I like to do these a couple times a month.  She grows so fast and I want to capture every moment. She is rolling everywhere and is sitting by herself longer and longer everyday. She is still a little shaky and I don’t completely trust her yet.

05.14.09She loves playing with blocks now…especially to chew on

05.14.09                                                                         Silly girl

05.14.09 She is holding herself up so good now

05.14.09 The adorable dress Aunt Erin got her

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