My Birthday

Today we spent my birthday hanging out, going out for lunch, and shopping.  I also got a really yummy cake that had cake batter ice cream and red velvet cake.  Jocelyn got me a card and some of my favorite candy and she also rolled all the way over, which was an amazing gift!

DSC03078                                                                     My cake

This past weekend I celebrated my birthday with some of my best buds.  We went out to dinner at Applebees and then to Fiza’s apartment to hang out.  After that we went to a Piano Bar in downtown Lawrence.  That was really fun.

DSC03066 (2) Jocelyn and Me with my new hair color

CIMG2743Photo from the Piano Bar: Fiza, Alyssa, Me, and Sarah

I also wanted to include a photo of Jocelyn trying sweet potatoes last night.  She loved them so much and of course made a huge mess.  She ate some today too.

DSC03073                                                         Enjoying Sweet Potatoes

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