Our Trip to Disneyland

Last Sunday we took Jocelyn along with Justin’s brother, John, and his son, Trevor, to Disneyland. Other than the long lines and hot weather we had a great time. Seeing Trevor’s eyes light up when he saw the rocket ship he was going to ride on was the best. I think Jocelyn’s favorite ride was her carseat going over the brick paved roads. Instant Nap! By the end everyone was overly tired. Jocelyn and Trevor didn’t make it two minutes once we got in the car. Trevor fell asleep with his hand in the bag of cheez-its. I tried to remove his hand from them and he woke up briefly to shove one more in his mouth.


In the hotel before leaving for Disneyland


Enjoying the sites


Donald Duck, Trevor and John


Jocelyn and Justin


Riding on the rockets


Justin had a lot of fun!


On the train after a very long and tiring day!


Jocelyn and me taking a photo in front of Disneyland